Working dogs

Walter - RabbitBusters Ballarat

Our dogs are an integral part of our operation and they are highly trained in the rabbit field and are started at a very young age.

In their initial training, they are allowed and encouraged to just be pups and explore the world of rabbit hunting as they have a lot to learn.

Part of their learning involves what ferrets are and that the only thing they can chase are rabbits, they are not allowed to chase chickens, sheep, horses or any other stock.

They also have to learn and earn a place with the older dogs & to be obedient at all times. This all takes time, however, our lines are strong working lines and bred for this work.


Without our dogs, we would be a lot less successful and I am in awe of their process in the field every day,
they are inspiring to watch at work and are often stealing the show.


Working Dogs
Agnes - RabbitBusters Ballarat
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FUSE - RabbitBusters Ballarat
Walter - RabbitBusters Ballarat
Walter - RabbitBusters Ballarat


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