Q: I have rabbits, how much will it cost to remove them?

A: All rabbit jobs are different and each property has it's own challenges ie: some rabbits are under buildings or just in burrows and are there rabbit proof fences? Each job needs to be quoted to ensure all things are considered.


Q: What happens to the rabbits once they are caught?

A: All rabbits are euthanised using RSPCA approved methods and are taken offsite at the end of the day.


Q: What should I do with my pets when you come out?

A: We ask all clients to lock up their cats or dogs on the days we are working so as they do not interfere with the operations on the day.


Q: Won't your ferrets run off and breed on my property?

A: We get asked this fairly often and the simple answer is no. All of our animals are trained and we also fit them with tracking collars so there is no chance of losing them.


Q: Can't we just gas the holes?

A: The problem with this is that you will only kill the rabbits in the holes and all of the rabbits taking cover in the surrounding area will quickly re-open these holes and move back in. Rabbits need to be hit with more than one method if you wish to have a successful program.


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