Night Netting and Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging - RabbitBusters BallaratNight Netting is a very effective way to catch large numbers of rabbits with little or no disturbance to the surrounding area. 

This method is highly effective in areas where rabbits are travelling to areas to feed but do not live in, for example: Sports ovals, Crops and Reserves.

The way this works is we survey the areas using thermal technology to get an idea on the number of rabbits and also the times they are exposed in the open area.

We place a perimeter net during the day that is dropped, the rabbits then cross the perimeter to go and feed. The thermal is then used to ensure the rabbits are in the target area, the nets are then set up creating a temporary paddock as the rabbits are now surrounded.

The rabbits are then pushed using torches & dog pressure to the nets where they are dispatched using blunt force trauma or cervical dislocation and all rabbits are removed from site. 

This is a very effective way to remove large numbers quickly with no baiting or shooting required. On land heavily infested with rabbits, literally hundreds of rabbits can be caught in a night using this method.

After a program, a follow up survey will be done to assess the success and what is required as a follow up.

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