Why Choose Us

Mister - RabbitBusters BallaratWhat makes RabbitBusters better than the rest?

We use integrated rabbit control, not just one method. This means we have more weapons in our arsenal which aids you in the war on rabbits!  Also, we are target specific and only take rabbits, unlike baits which account for unknown numbers of non-target animal deaths.


We realise and understand that some people may be upset at the thought of animals being controlled. Due to this, we also offer after hours work such as Night Netting or working on weekends when staff are not around. Places such as University campuses & schools should be treated during holidays or long weekends.

No one wants to see any animal suffer and we conduct all culls in a humane way.


There is a community expectation that all animals, including pests are treated humanely. Therefore, animal welfare issues must be an important consideration when planning rabbit control operations.

Ferrets - RabbitBusters BallaratTarget Specific

At RabbitBusters, we know that rabbits co-exist with native Australian species and we have methods to extract them from these areas.
We have carried out work in various parks and gardens that have bandicoots and we use nets with mesh that allows safe passage of bandicoots, but catches the rabbits. Dogs can be muzzled to avoid any harm to natives as required.
This also eliminates the need to bait which can be taken by native animals and birds and not only that, it can take 10 to 12 days for a rabbit to die from poison.  As the effects take hold, the rabbit becomes lethargic and falls easy prey to owls, eagles and other prey animals which can then die of secondary poisoning.
Before baiting, all other options should be considered.

RabbitBusters... Providing an integrated control system for all rabbit problems.